Date archives "October 2010"

A New Chapter.

And so it begins. The journey of “Ridin’ Solo”.

Big changes are happening in my life right now. After almost 5 years of working full-time for a well respected online ad agency, I’ve decided to spread my wings and take a shot at pushing my own ventures (*cough MOJO Themes) to the next level.

That’s right. I’m taking my MOJO lovin’ ideas to a whole new place.


Luckily for me, through my experience working for an ad agency I now feel confident with the skill-set that I carry along with me. It’s because of my experience there, I’m fortunate enough to now work on things I’m passionate about and created from scratch. Of course, I owe a big thanks to my mentors that helped me and push me along the way.

What’s Next?

Call it a curse, but the entrepreneur gene runs thick through me. Yes, the steady flow of paychecks, benefits, insurance are amazing with the comfort of job. Plus, who knows, maybe that’s something that fits me later but for right now in this part of my life, I need to continue building my own ventures.

The only way to see my ventures continue to keep their momentum and grow what we’ve already built, I need to be on engaged full-time. Mix that tasty brew with a hint of the best partners/team, do whatever it takes, I don’t care what obstacles are in my way, passion for what I’m doing… I think I’ll be just fine 😉

With all that blah, blah, blah—I say cheers to this new journey and thanks to everyone and their awesome support!