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WordPress.org Theme Directory

by JR Farr

I was on WordPress.org today asking a question on a forum about the Audio Player plugin.  Of course I got side tracked and started snooping around the site right.  We all do it.  Anyway, I found an interesting post on the development section of WordPress.org.

It looks like the Theme Directory is going to be revamped here, wordpress.org/extend/themes/

It’s been a long time since themes.wordpress.net stopped accepting new themes. Since then most theme authors have been distributing their themes from their own sites, without a good centralized place for people to browse, search, comment on, and rate themes. With the success of the plugins directory, we’ve wanted to have those same benefits in a theme directory. Today is the day we start making that happen, with the introduction of wordpress.org/extend/themes/.

I thought this was cool enough to let all of you know.  It will be nice to have one structured, legit wordpress theme destination.

I will still be featuring WordPress Themes on my site to help you all from having to digging through the masses of WordPress Themes they have on there.

Good luck finding your Themizzle!

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