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Creating Killer Content for your Readers

In this installment of the Rockstar SEO Series, I follow up on a post titled — Creating Killer Content that Search Engines Love. Your readers are so important to you, so you need to be sure your writing content your readers love as well.

Often times, you see people getting so caught up in writing content for the search engines. I mean everyone wants to rank well in the engines but don’t forget who else is reading it. It’s a game of balancing the right amount of search engine jargon & easy-to-read content for your viewers. I’ll be breaking down you a few ways to display your content in “reader-friendly” format. 😉

Get to the Point Already

One of the best ways to write your content is to think about how the search engines read it.

Your readers are no different.

Basically, your readers don’t have time to read your content word for word. Why not make it more simple to get to the meat of what you’re saying? Just like a search engine spider, your readers scan your content.

Use Sub-Headlines to Highlight what the Post is all about

Sub Headlines in WordPress

This is a fantastic way to give your readers a choice. They can read a majority of the post with a birds-eye view. Just remember to make sure you use the proper format when choosing sub-headlines.

TIP: If you’re using WordPress, use this quick drop down in the visual editor. Your sub-headlines should be <h2> tags or <h3> tags. Capeesh?

Bulleted Lists & Numbered Lists

I can’t think of a better way to highlight the main points of a post or idea then a bulleted list.

  • Talk about giving your readers something easy to navigate.
  • They can scen through the main points quickly & easily.
  • Well isn’t that nifty?

Get Bold & Italic

Not only does bolding keywords and phrases catch your readers attention, it also catches the search engine spiders attention. By bolding and italicizing throughout your posts, you can help your reader and engines find the most important sections of a sentence or paragraph.

Using compelling Images to Grab your Readers Attention

The Bostonian

Sometimes I can actually relay what I’m trying to say better through a picture.

Or sometimes it just spices up your posts a bit.

Either way, this kid looks like a stud right? I think it’s the Boston Red Sox hat 😉

In the end… It’s just more Natural

Try writing out your post in a Word doc or just write a draft post without worrying about the search engines. After you write the post, read through it and optimize it for both your readers and the engines where it makes sense. You’ll see your writing begins to read more naturally, which keeps your readers more engaged and tells the engines you’re not keyword stuffing.

Good Luck!

I sure hope you’re enjoying the Rockstar SEO Series. Don’t be afraid to chime in or leave feedback on this subject. Remember to Follow JR Farr on Twitter or Subscribe to my RSS Feed so you don’t miss a post!

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