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How to use Social Media to Boost SEO

This mouth watering & appetizing SEO goodness is another component to the “Rockstar SEO Series” brought to you by JR Farr. If you’re loving it, be sure to share it to everyone you think would find value in it!

Now let’s dive right in!

Are you Paying Attention to What’s Happening Off your Site?

If you’re not, you should be. If you are, well… good on ya 😉 With the emergence of Social Media, anyone and everyone can talk about your brand or product. This can be looked at in a negative or positive way. I think it’s all positive.

For one, you now have the customer feedback you’ve always wanted at your fingertips and you can interact with them in seconds. Secondly, it’s now making it possible for anyone to build up one of the single most important aspects of SEO. What am I referring to? Drum roll please…

Backlinks my fellow Rockstars, Backlinks.

Most people that have danced in the SEO arena would argue that “backlinks” (sites linking back to your site) are in fact, one of the single most important aspects to your SEO campaigns.

Why are backlinks so important?

For starters, backlinks are important because search engines like Google, will give more credit to websites that have a good number of quality backlinks. Google then considers those websites more relevant among the results of any given search query. Just remember it’s not always the quantity but the quality of the backlinks your site has. Getting links back to your site does a number of things:

  • Raising your page rank.
  • Building your site as an authority.
  • And of course, gives you more exposure.

So how does Social Media Create Backlinks to my site?

Well in a way, your readers use Social Media to sort of guide the search engines to what content is really unique & fresh.

With the new social media component, your readers now have a vote in telling the search engines if your content is all that and a bag of chips. When you create something valuable, those votes (e.g. links, tweets, bookmarks) really get your SEO efforts cookin’.

In other words, your readers have loads of platforms to re-syndicate your content in a viral way.What are these platforms?

  • They can use social bookmarking sites like Digg, Stumble Upon, Delicious and more to share your content with more viewers. Creating a link back to your original content and giving you exposure to thousands.
  • They can tweet or re-tweet it via Twitter.
  • Bloggers & publishers can link to your article from their site, blog or forum. Gotta love that 😉

Ok, so what control do I have in using Social Media do to boost my SEO efforts?

Well here’s a live example. From a personal branding standpoint, look what happens when you Google “JR Farr”. Starting from the first ranking, my brand name is fortunately taking up the entire first page of Google. Now, I know that example was pretty simple but even Social Media at it’s simplest form can be very powerful.

There’s more backlinking strategies that this Rockstar SEO Series will cover so I don’t want to go too far off subject.

What about you? Have you seen a boost in SEO rankings from Social Media?

I sure hope you’re already enjoying the Rockstar SEO Series. Don’t be afraid to chime in or leave feedback on how you’re using Social Media to boost SEO. Remember to Follow JR Farr on Twitter or Subscribe to my RSS Feed so you don’t miss a post!

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