Keep going.

It’s been said, the best things happen right before you feel like giving up. Whether it relates to life, business, school or whatever you’re dealing with. For me personally, I’ve dealt with all the above.

Recently, I was at a business conference and I gave a presentation on what I’ve learned since having my latest business acquired. Once I got off stage, I had so many new friends to connect with and asking further questions. It was humbling and caused me to reflect on how I had got to where I am today.

I thought a lot about the struggle. The late nights. The second guessing. The this way or that way. The excitement. The hard things we had to face that no one on the outside would ever know.

But what I remember most was thinking about giving up right before everything came together.

When you’re in your late twenties, have a mortgage, 3 kids to take care of, you can only go so long (years) before the pressure starts to become too much. Luckily, I never doubted what I was set out to do and fought through the desire to get another job or raise more money. We took on the hard things head first and came out stronger.

The rest is history. Keep going.

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