Rockstar SEO – The Series

Rockstar SEO the Series

A component of the Rockstar Marketing Series – Custom crafted by JR Farr.

SEO is changing constantly & this my friends, is SEO for today’s world… 2009.

Changes are always taking place within the webmaster guidelines, search engine algorithms, etc. which ultimately shifts our SEO techniques. In fact, a big change happened in 2006 when Social Media started making waves.

Not too long ago, SEO (search engine optimization) use to consist of stuffing keywords into your sites content while completely negelecting keyword density & frequency. Writing quality content & keyword density was an after thought and the internet was already being polluted at such a young age. This same technique is still being practiced today and sadly, the pollution of ridiculous content continues. *Sigh*

Let’s change that.

Right now, most are still trying to adjust to the new web 2.0 phase, so you need to make sure you’re adjusting your SEO strategies as well. That’s exactly what Rockstar SEO will cover.

The Techniques You’ll Learn – On Site SEO & Off Site SEO

When executing proper SEO campaigns or techniques it is actually split up in two different types.

  • On-site SEO & Off-site SEO

Nowadays, because of Social Media, I believe a big part of your SEO success is actually what’s happening “off your site” (off-site seo).

Often times, most people think SEO success only comes from what SEO strategies you’re deploying “on your site”. Yes, this is a large part to your success but it’s only some of the ingredients to the SEO stew. A few on-site strategies to consider:

  • Well Structured Content
  • Semantic Web Markup
  • SEO-Friendly URL’s
  • Unique & Fresh content

We’ll go into these in future parts of this series

So… What’s Next in the Rockstar SEO Series

This Rockstar SEO Series is for today’s world, 2009. With that being said,Β  my plan is to talk about best strategies right now and how to leverage the new “Web 2.0”. Here are more topics you’ll be sinking your teeth into. These aren’t quite set in stone… yet, so don’t hold me to them. πŸ˜‰

Check back soon for new posts on these topics as this series gets underway.

How do I hop on this Rockstar SEO Series train?

What do you have to do to get your hands on this series?Β  Pretty simple really. Just follow me, JR Farr on Twitter or simply subscribe to my RSS Feed and witness some insane content about to be published right in front of your eyeballs. Not too painful right?

What do I get out of this?

I’m providing this quality content because I believe in providing more value then you consume. I’m putting myself out there and sharing my knowledge because this is my passion. You’ll see it through my series and on the chance you’re diggin’ it… I just want you to share it with everyone! Oh and comments are nice too πŸ˜‰

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    1. JR Farr

      Thanks for the feedback Casey. Glad you’re liking it. I was on a roll with the new content but I’ve recently hit a speed bump in the frequency of my posts.

      I’ll try to bring it up a notch πŸ˜‰


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